Intense Fighting Manga : Baki The Grappler

Baki the grappler manga recently got a new adaptation by Netflix. Because I enjoy sports manga, I did not doubt to dive in and expected story like hajime no ippo. It was not like hajime no ippo, While ippo still realistic to some extent, Baki is filled with fantasy and told in a fun crazy way. Just after watching the firstĀ  few episodes, I was impatient and went through reading the manga it was based on in one go. The manga is created by Keisuke Itagaki and now have been told over three sequel, with the latest one titled baki dou.

the story of Baki follow the story of Hanma Baki the son of the strongest person on earth Yuujiro Hanma. In addition, to overcome him he has to face many opponents in a tournament and in general. It was based on real fighting technique, but it was by no means real. The movement of the technique and the impact of each hit are expressed very well by the unconventional arts. As you read through each series you will notice that the arts improved quite a lot, and you may not recognize the same character because they look so different (especially if you see the old anime adaptation).


Every person are drawn with lots of muscle and have their own unique build. The fight between each legendary person in the story was awesome. They are not afraid to include real person as a influence and reference. You can find barrack Obama, or Trump cameo, and you can find Muhammad Ali involved in the story as well.

Some people are experts at using karate, judo, taekwondo, and boxing. Some are using brute strength, and there are some that is compensating their technique with weapons, or underhanded tricks.


The story is usual, but the fight are so ridiculous it is fun. The character while not have that much personality and pretty simple, but every specialized technique they use and how they clash against each other is worth to follow. I really recommend this manga for those that enjoy fighting story, competition, and sport


Menangkal Hoax : Indonesia Berkicau Kualitas VS Kuantitas

Sebuah kebanggaan atau tidak sih kalau negara kita dinobatkan sebagai negara paling cerewet? Twitter pada tahun 2016 telah monabatkan negeri paling cerewet di twitter. Warga Indonesia ternyata mampu untuk membuat kicauan yang menembus angka 4,1 Miliar dalam setahun. Continue reading “Menangkal Hoax : Indonesia Berkicau Kualitas VS Kuantitas”


University : Media to Learn with Diversity in Unity

There is a saying that goes “seek knowledge even if you have to go to china”. It is a saying that is very famous here in Indonesia and based on hadith of Islam’s prophet Muhammad. It tells people that you should always learn no matter where you are and have to be better every day. We are also advised to look for answers and knowledge to the experts, no matter where they are. I think that this concept is not limited to religious live but also in worldly matter such as business, politics, and engineering. Education facility is one of those places we can seek for knowledge of those said experts, and we have to understand that places such as schools, colleges and university is not one colored.

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Rasa yang di Uji waktu di Pisang Gapit Nenek Bahar

Pisang merupakan buah yang menjadi salah satu kudapan favorit masyarakat indonesia. selain mudah didapat rasanya yang manis dan juga kemampuannya mengenyangkan perut sudah tidak diragukan lagi. beragam makanan dari pisang sangat digemari mulai dari sanggar, es pisang ijo, hingga pisang nugget.
Di Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur ada sebuah hidangan pisang yang cukup legendaris. Dia dikenal dengan nama “Pisang Gapit” atau “Pisang epek”. Sebuah hidangan sederhana yang memadukan pisang penyet dengan bumbu spesial. Di Balikpapan ada banyak tempat yang menjualnya dalam menunya. Namun, ada satu tempat spesial dimana rasa pisang gapitnya cukup berbeda.

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