Siccin 4 (2017) : Experience Islamic Horror of an Unwanted Inhabitant


Siccin is a Turkish horror movie which is a bit unusual for me to watch. Well, I guess not many people watch non english horror movie and this is the same feeling I had when I watched it. The setting is unusual as it is Turkish movie, the family involved is actually implied to be moslem. That alone is  pretty unusual as many horror flick usually involved curch or priest, not moslem. Continue reading “Siccin 4 (2017) : Experience Islamic Horror of an Unwanted Inhabitant”


Johny English Strikes Again (2018) : The Comedy Golds Back Again


I have grown watching rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean on the television, and the announcement of this actor into the screen 7 years after his last film got me so excited. I can’t wait to see another stupid silly fun plot and the return of simple slapstick comedy to the screen in this age where many things have to be smart, witty, rude, or dark to be considered funny. Personally, I enjoyed the simple set and easy to digest story of the world’s greatest spy Johny English and I will not hesitate to give it a 6 or 7  out of 10. Continue reading “Johny English Strikes Again (2018) : The Comedy Golds Back Again”


The Meg (2018) : Giant Bite Chunk of Story You will Enjoy


If you like Jaws, you will like the Meg that is my honest opinion. The Meg got a lot of to offer for you starting from Multi racial representation casts, simple and easy to understand plot and action, Mini Submarine, Big Underwater Aquarium, Deep Water Exploration, JASON STATHAM as main character, and most importantly A 25 FEET DEEP SEA GIANT MEGALODON. I really enjoy this movie and would rate it 7 or 8 out of 10 because I like shark. Continue reading “The Meg (2018) : Giant Bite Chunk of Story You will Enjoy”


American Psycho (2000) : Twisted Mind or Twisted Reality?


Really, I have no high expectation for this movie when I watched it and just go for it because it was Christian Bale playing Bateman before Batman (get it? Such bad joke). I found myself surprised at the interesting plot twist and intense moment the movie managed to portray even under normal conversation in the office. Continue reading “American Psycho (2000) : Twisted Mind or Twisted Reality?”


Hikmah dan Makna Tersendiri Ujian Indonesia di HUT TNI-73

Poster HUT TNI.png

Tanggal 5 oktober setiap tahunnya rakyat Indonesia memperingati hari ulang tahun TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia). TNI selama ini telah berjasa dalam menjalankan tugasnya demi menjaga keutuhan negara kesatuan republik Indonesia (NKRI). Pada peringatan tahun ini rakyat makin terbuka matanya akan peran dan hebatnya keberadaan TNI dalam menjaga rakyatnya, terutama dalam membantu penanganan bencana alam di Tanah Air. Continue reading “Hikmah dan Makna Tersendiri Ujian Indonesia di HUT TNI-73”